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To: The Home Secretary, currently Amber Rudd

Home Office must admit unlawful detention

Home Office must admit unlawful detention

The Home Office must admit that on June 30th 2017 they unlawfully detained Nestor Sylla, a RAPAR member, who is seeking asylum from Guinea.

Why is this important?

Nestor Sylla is much loved and highly respected. Following the murder of his sister in Guinea, Africa, in 2006, he fled for his life to the UK, but previous legal work failed Nestor when a solicitor did not respond to a Home Office request for photographs. His complaint about the solicitor was upheld.

A natural helper, Nestor has volunteered for the BOAZ TRUST winter night shelter for seven years. He has also volunteered for Red Cross and the Mustard Tree. Nestor has created a new family in the UK and, in the process, become a vital carer for both Lawrence, aged 14, and for Elizabeth Coleman, retired.

Lawrence says: “He’s a really great guy and helps me with my homework and takes me to school.” And Elizabeth says: “Nestor’s home is England. He is like a son to me. He has a lot to contribute to our society.”

In April of 2017 Nestor, who is also a natural leader, was elected to represent many destitute people, questioning the Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidates at a Housing Hustings about their plans for tackling the city’s desperate housing problem.

Nestor was detained on Friday 30th June 2017. He had a new Leave to Remain application that was received by the Home Office BEFORE he was detained, therefore his detention was unlawful. His lawyer, Mervyn Cross of Duncan Lewis said: ”There was absolutely no reason to detain Nestor.”

When Nestor’s MP, Lucy Powell, contacted the Home Office on Nestor’s behalf, the Home Office insisted that Nestor’s detention was lawful. The MP has now written to the Immigration Minister again pointing out that Nestor has documentary evidence that proves his Leave to Remain application was indeed received by the Home Office before his detention. The Home Office must be called to account for this unlawful detention and for attempting to deny that they unlawfully detained Nestor Sylla. An admission of such unlawful detention will contribute to ensuring that the Home Office stops unlawfully detaining people seeking asylum.


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