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To: Cheshire Police & Cheshire West & Chester Council

Homelessness should NOT be criminalised in Chester

Chester Council agreed to drop their plans to fine the homeless using PSPO's.

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Homelessness should NOT be criminalised in Chester

Please remove criminalising those who are sleeping rough in Chester from the Cheshire Police PSPO proposal

Why is this important?

Homelessness is not a crime and affects people from all walks of life and criminalising it is criminal in itself - targeting those with nothing to pay nonsensical fines. It is our duty to care for people who have fallen on harder times and affording Cheshire Police more powers to simply move the 'problem' on beggars belief. Simply having provisions for the homeless who fit the 'ideal' criteria of a privatised 'care' provider (Richmond Court) is not good enough and will disperse the rough sleepers leaving our most vulnerable even further out of reach of help and causing more issues with them, residents and businesses alike.


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Reasons for signing

  • In favour of helping the homeless not going against them in any way .
  • When the time is right, let's lobby Parliament together
  • This shocking proposal reveals a worrying lack of empathy by those who have proposed it. Come on Chester, let's show our true generosity of spirit and defeat this mean idea.


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