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To: Local councillors and MPs

We need Housing for ALL - Stop Social Cleansing

We need Housing for ALL - Stop Social Cleansing

We demand that MPs and councillors move to end the housing crisis by way of the measures set out by the Unite Housing worker's Manifesto.

Why is this important?

Evictions are at a record high. Council house building is being destroyed and sold off with waiting lists growing. Housing has become insecure, often unsafe and unaffordable Companies are exploiting workers in homeless organisations and Housing Associations, organisations which are often seeing surpluses, yet cuts to pay and important services are being cut. Companies who have blacklisted workers in trade unions are being contracted for public contracts, we say NO.

All of this and sadly, too much more, are reasons for our manifesto demands at this key time:

1. Stop the cuts - Austerity for the 99% !

2. Build and repair over 300,000 Council houses per year, incorporating improved accessibility and environmental standards.

3. Stop the transfer of council stock to housing associations. Stop the social cleansing

4. End the right to buy - We lost over 44,000 homes in 2013-2014

5. Bring in Rent Controls and establish a national register of private landlords to protect tenants

6. End unfair benefit caps and other benefit cuts such as the Bedroom tax and cuts in council tax benefit. Restore and increase the Independent living fund.

7. Protect Supported Housing - Stop the cuts and ring fence services which are vital for some of the most in need of specialist support

8. Decent Pay and conditions for workers in housing and social care

9. Bring in an £10ph National Minimum wage

10. End the Blacklist - restrict commissioning of social housing and maintenance services to providers who have signed up to the Joint Industry Board National Agreement for Engineering Construction. Act to remove approved providers found guilty of blacklisting.

11. Nationalise the Banks - Taking over the banks on a permanent basis would enable investment to be planned in line with democratically decided priorities including housing that working people can afford. We must put a stop to
the disaster of austerity and build secure homes for the 99%

The full manifesto can be found here -

Please cut and paste the full manifesto or add the link and ask your MP's and councillors to pledge their support.

And if your looking to find out candidates for local or general elections please use -

How it will be delivered

We will :

Email the signatures
Promote the rising numbers who are signing
Present this at a key event tbc


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