To: Richard Graham - Gloucester MP; Paul James - Gloucester City Council Leader

Install a changing place toilet in Gloucester

Install a changing place toilet in Gloucester

We are concerned that Gloucester city centre does not have even one suitable accessible toilet space for people with complex disabilities and there appears to be no provision to include one in the current redevelopment plans. This seems like an opportunity missed, especially as a space in the new bus station would have been ideally placed to serve both the transport hub, of the bus and train station, and be accessible for shoppers in the town centre.

Why is this important?

The absence of suitable toilets mean that people with complex disabilities who need assistance cannot take part in activities such as shopping, going out for a meal or attending a sporting event. Without a suitable changing bench and hoist, many people with complex needs have to be laid on unhygienic toilet floors or become trapped in their own homes.

Gloucester City Council, Gloucester

Reasons for signing

  • Having spent years- me and wife kneeling on foul toilet floors and using our own clothes as changing mats so oue son doesn't hav to lie in filth. This facility is a must
  • This is very much needed.
  • It's a basic facility in a civilised society


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