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To: Northamptonshire County Council

Install a pedestrian crossing on the A43 at Weldon Lakes Priors Hall Park

We request that Northamptonshire County Council provide a pedestrian crossing on the A43 at the Weldon Lakes Priors Hall Park Estate. It is needed by the residents of the estate to safely walk to Weldon. This stretch of the A43 is a busy 60mph road where many motorists to go as fast as they can before reaching the roundabout. There have already been 6 road traffic collisions since work started on the estate.

Why is this important?

There are no facilities (shops, Cafes or Doctors Surgeries) on Lake View PHP estate and none planned for the foreseeable future resulting in residents having to drive to Weldon to access vital services. Children also have to cross the busy A43 to catch the school buses and pedestrians risk life and limb keeping fit. This leaves communities isolated.

How it will be delivered

I will present this petition to the Northamptonshire County Councillors

Lake View Housing Estate, Weldon, Corby

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