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To: Parliament

Introduce a Universal Basic Income into the UK

Introduce a Universal Basic Income into the UK

To vote in favour of a Basic Income to be given to every citizen aged 18 and over of £1000 per month to enable all citizens to have the dignity to house, clothe and feed themselves.

Why is this important?

Because the anger demonstrated by Brexit reflects the deep sense of alienation not only from political life but from engagement in society which is felt by so many. As the food bank queues grow longer it is essential that we move beyond welfare to create a truly radical reshaping of our economy in order that all can participate.

Reasons for signing

  • Now is the time to change our disgracefully unfair society. Brave, radical ideas are what the electorate want. Not caution and "centrism"!
  • Many economists have recommended this. It would stop people having to claim other benefit's to top up their money and save goverment a fortune in the long run.


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