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To: A G Barr

IRN BRU. Save our sugar

IRN BRU. Save our sugar

Keep the sugar in our standard Irn Bru. Please please. Do not forsake our health by adding aspartame to reduce sugar levels. Aspartame is a nasty chemical. We are more than happy to pay Osbornes sugar tax to keep Irn Bru natural.

Why is this important?

Public health. No carcinogens in our national drink. Changing fat for cancer is shortsighted. Some of us control our sugar intake and dont want stealth chemicals added instead.

If you think I should avoid sugar in my childrens drink and replace it with a proven carcinogen then it really is april the first


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Reasons for signing

  • Adding spoonfuls of sugar like tea and coffee shouldn’t be the way but I may be trying it
  • Aspartame is a dangerous chemical and I am extremely allergic to it, we should be able to have the choice...
  • The new stuff just tastes of sweeteners and the worst sort! I have a healthy balanced diet with the odd can of bru, if I wanted to diet drink containing sweeteners I would choose that. It really annoys me that my choice now is not to drink them at all. Well done Irn Bru! Guess I'll have to drink coca cola from now on!


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