To: BBC Two Channel Editor - Patrick Holland

Islamophobia and sexism has no place in the BBC or Britain

Islamophobia and sexism has no place in the BBC or Britain

Withdraw the Islamophobic and sexist sketch ‘The Real Housewives of ISIS’ from BBC Two.

Why is this important?

The Real Housewives of ISIS is an extremely distasteful and offensive show. It is Islamophobic by how it depicts Muslim women, regardless of them being related to ISIS. The show stigmatises women and symbolises acts of everyday sexism suffered by women across the UK.

Satire is created to fight against oppression – not feed into sexist and Islamophobic rhetoric. Muslim hate crimes are mostly carried out against women – this show will further fuel hate in Britain towards women in hijab and niqab.

How it will be delivered

To BBC HQ in London.

Reasons for signing

  • Doesn't represent the muslims whatsoever!!
  • Stop this nonsense. Spread peace not hate,,!!!!
  • Be a somebody not a ghost. Don't just leave it to other people to decide your future. Look how Trump got voted in! Too many ghosts didn't vote against him because they thought he didn't have a chance. Look at the outcome now!


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