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ITV, Start using Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) in your breastfeeding segments on daytime tv

ITV, Start using Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) in your breastfeeding segments on daytime tv

ITV continue to use self professed experts in their segments about breastfeeding on daytime tv. Damaging, outdated and non evidence based advice is causing significant harm to breastfeeding, both on an individual basis and to society as a whole.
It's time they started to use actual, accredited experts like an IBCLC

Why is this important?

Breastfeeding rates in the UK are some of the worst in the world. The media has an ENORMOUS impact on this and could make significant changes to families and health.


Reasons for signing

  • So much ‘information’ about breastfeeding is just untrue, outdated and unresearched opinion. It has a a hugely negative impact on new mothers, especially when it is repeated by close family or even professionals like GPS and health visitors (whose advice can vary wildly). It’s time for proven facts to be replace bad advice.
  • Speading false information about breasfus damaging to vulnarable mum's who need reassurance that they are giving their child everything they need. ITV need to give current relevant and most importantly true information about breastfeeding to help instil confidence in new mums. ITV need to use actual experts not self proclaimed experts like clarebuy my book!
  • Because mothers and babies deserve respect


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