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To: Kensington and Chelsea council

Justice for grenfell and save the mural

Justice for grenfell and save the mural

Some residents have complained ed about a memorial mural erected by residents out of respect of those that have suffered this tragedy. No doubt the council will act quicker on this for those that have complained rather than helping the victims. This is a fitting tribute made by those who care for those that have lost everything.
Those fat cats in those council should make this a memorial.

Why is this important?

This is for grenfell. Who cares if the rich are unhappy with this. They only care about their house prices not human lives.

Reasons for signing

  • This area has always voiced their options through art. If a so called famous "street artist" did this they would be protecting it in plexiglas. This is more important to our community right now than random wall stencils.
  • Because we need justice to many people burnt to death in this fire my friend is one of those that r dead and still no body found it makes me sick if these were rich people goverment will do something about it.


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