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To: UK Westminster Parliament

Justice for the kidnapping and murder of British National, Shahryar Ahmad

Justice for the kidnapping and murder of British National, Shahryar Ahmad

Urge the Pakistani Government to deliver justice to Shahryar Ahmad

Why is this important?

On behalf of Mr Ifkhar Ahmad, a Stirling resident and father of Shahryar Ahmad, it is important to shed light on the murder that has been overlooked for 4 years. Shahryar Ahmad, a British national, was kidnapped outside his grandmother's home in Faisalabad, Pakistan on 21 August 2014, and subsequently murdered by the gang who abducted him.

Mr Ahmad was led to believe for almost 4 months that the group was holding his son for ransom, however it was later discovered that Shahryar's young body was found by the police dumped in a canal a mere 2 days after the abduction. The local police did not inform Shahryar's family of the events, and rather buried the unidentified body. The truth was disclosed almost four months later.

Although unsuccessful to date, Mr Ahmad seeks justice and desires that his son’s killers are brought to account for their actions. Mr Ahmad has received death threats from the members of the aforementioned gang, as well as threats to target his youngest son, Mohid Ahmad in the case that Mr Ahmad persists.

Due to inaction on the part of the local police force, Shahryar's killers have yet to be brought to justice, nor has the police force provided an explanation and/or apology for failing to inform Mr Ahmad about the whereabouts of his son. Urgent intervention is necessary to ensure that Shahryar's killers are brought to account for their actions and that an explanation and apology are issued at the earliest opportunity.


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