To: Greene king and the rest of the pub industry

Keep childrens menus in family pubs

Keep childrens menus in family pubs

Keep kids menus and play areas in pubs which claim to be family friendly.

Why is this important?

Family need to be able to feel comfortable going out their local pubs for a meal.

Children will not learn how to behave in public places such as restaurants and pubs if parents feel that they cant take them into such places.

Families like to socialise and celebrate special occasions... usually with family meals out... local pubs need this business.

Reasons for signing

  • Because if I go 4 a nice meal out I want my family with me and if my 6yr old daughter isn't welcome then I'll find some were that does welcome children thought it was a bad idea getting rid of the bouncy castle the place was always packed when the sun was out
  • Was an ok place with play area at the back
  • Because I like to take my family out n when a pub claims to be family friendly my children should feel welcome rather than tolerated. Family dining keeps pubs in business n people in jobs