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To: Lin Homer - HMRC Chief Executive

Keep HMRC jobs in Bootle and Netherton

Keep HMRC jobs in Bootle and Netherton

Maintain HMRC's presence in the centre of Bootle and in Netherton - stop the closure of St John's House, The Triad, Litherland House and Comben House.

Why is this important?

We now know that all of the offices in Bootle and Netherton – The Triad, Litherland House, St John’s House and Comben House – are set to close by or before 2020. This means that around 3,000 staff face a move to Liverpool.

This will result in job losses, as they are among around 6,000 staff facing the move to Liverpool in the North West while the new Regional Centre will only hold between 2,800 and 3,100 staff. It will also devastate the local economy, putting many businesses particularly along Stanley Road who rely on HMRC staff custom to survive at risk of closure.

We believe the plans in their entirety represent the simplistic vision of a senior civil service who like the way things look on paper, and don’t care in the slightest how their organisational pipe dream impacts on people. The reality is these plans hurt, both members and the Bootle community as a whole.


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Reasons for signing

  • So Osborne's "Northern Powerhouse" fiction continues, with the sacking of people who actually work here. The same process is going on over here, the other side of the Pennines, with the very department supposed to be promoting the so-called powerhouse sacking 250 workers and shutting the BIS office in Sheffield. All reported in the Morning Star.
  • This will have an effect on local businesses, the economy and house prices.
  • Bootle will end up a ghost town as far as the economy is concerned


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