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To: Gateway Housing Association / Preston City Council / Mark Hendrix MP

SAVE Jams Garden

SAVE Jams Garden

We desperately need support and good advice. Since his retirement 6 years ago Jam has put his heart and soul to make something worthwhile and inspiring to share with the people of Preston. He has invested in this garden a lot of work from his friends, including myself and we have produced a wonderful community site. The house has already become a landmark in the area for its artwork and gardens, and has brought the community together. However, Gateway Housing Association took Jam to court and he received six months in prison for not doing what they tell him. These include destroying the garden and dismantling the ceramic work (practically the entirety of the inside of this great artists home).

Jam will be sent to prison by the 18th of July, for six months, if he does not destroy half of the garden and its artwork. The statutes are to be removed, as they are deemed offensive. The waterfall has received an order, that it is to be demolished. It now houses a flowerbed, which also has to go. The years old artistic ceramic work on the walls has to also be removed. Jams work has been recognised as a master art-piece, and approved and appraised by Professor Charles Quick, the head of UCLan's Art Department.

Jam could not afford to get a lawyer and he has not received the correct legal counsel to do anything properly about his home. So, please sign this petition, and at the same time perhaps you could contact Gateway by telephone or email, and tell them to stop being so cruel and leave my friend Jam in Peace. He isn't doing anything bad to anybody and his neighbours agree, testimonials available online.
Here is a free number you can call:
0800 953 0213 & 01772 / 268000
While Gateway spend £35'000 on one area to create a nice garden area, Jam feels his region has been ignored. Gateway must answer the question, 'Why are we effecting the way people want to live and taking joy away instead of supporting our residents and celebrating'? Gateway claims they are concerned about health and safety, but Jam does not understand how a naked statue, or how a waterfall which is now turned to a flowerbed can be a risk to public. There is a wall separating the public viewing of the garden and volunteering hours are 2 - 6 every Sunday and are well supervised, locally embraced and supported.

This case begs us to look at our society, our homes and make the changes we want to live. Jams artwork calls into question the boundaries we are increasingly accepting and building between one another and encourages us to live life to its fullest. Your voice matters and thanks 38degrees for this great opportunity also shared with us, THANK YOU LORD

In the court, Jam said to the judge, 'I am guilty of not having permission to create my garden, but why do you want to now to kill the plants. Punish me, put me in prison but don't kill the plants and flowers'. Unfortunately, I am told there is more to this than meets our eyes.

Friends, from 17th of July, 2016 Jam has a free house every Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Bring your instruments and we play some songs together.

Although Gateway has said they only want half of the garden to be destroyed, in creating the garden all the ceramic tile work, the work of more than a dozen people, will also be removed. Jam said to the Judge that it is "against my principles" but the court order is left over. Gateway gives no clear reasons why they feel Jams home and garden must be destroyed and returned to the unused, original state after some now 12 years.

Jam even said he leaves enough money as a deposit to cover the cost of taking them off the wall and plastering. Gateway wants nothing but the full destruction of all the lights and paintings too. I don't even want to imagine it, you know. Because if you imagine it, it can happen.

This is causing very serious distress to Jam and other neighbours have raised concerns about their experience with Gateway Housing Association. It is 22nd June, 2016 and Jam is having to request the local GP to cope with the impact that negative communications with Gateway Housing Ass, the court case and its costs, as well as losing the right to live comfortably in his own home, as he has created and enjoyed. We all like to help Jam and we are very seriously worried about his well being at the moment. We ask ourselves, what would he see from his home and garden when he comes back?

However having said so many gloomy things, let me add that Jam is in good spirits.

To see the news and videos and interviews please visit our website:

Please sign the petition and if you are really ace either call Gateway and talk to them or write to Lancashire Evening Post - Thank you!
[email protected].
and below is Jam's Email:
[email protected]

55 Harrington Street

Why is this important?

Jams crime is he has changed wasted land into a garden and decorated his council home he has lived in for 12 years and is considering to buy. The court's decision 17/06/16 demands that Jam's Garden and sublime ceramic around his home be dismantled! Jams Garden offers a place where members of the local community can gather for group activities, volunteering, learning, being creative, social support and general well being. Additionally this situation calls us to question the mundane surroundings we accept each day and invites us to live the changes we want to make! On the next four Sundays from now until 17th July, 2016, you will be welcomed in an open house at Jam's Garden, 2 - 6pm. Come and see our communal garden and join us in supporting great art while improving community links. We hope this will be something we can continue but there is a court order demanding Jams home and Garden be returned to looking like a standard (boring zzz) council house. PLEASE HELP MY FRIEND JAM <3 - he needs your support- to find out more please visit the following links!

Here is your website -

How it will be delivered

Please follow this link to see Jam's Garden on TV and in the media. If you have any advice about how we can save this gentleman's home and preserve this wonderful attraction please get in touch! If you would like to leave a comment please feel free to do so and please share this petition!

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