To: Hillingdon council

Keep Jurassic Perk Cafe Open

14/05/18 - We won: Jurassic Perk Cafe will stay open!

Keep Jurassic Perk Cafe Open

Please sign this petition and help stop Hillingdon council trying to close down the new soft play in Ruislip. The new Jurassic Park Cafe is a fantastic new play area for children of all ages. It has a disco floor, baby sensory room and a soft play area.

Why is this important?

Jurassic perk Cafe is a safe environment for children and a great place for families to meet and make friends. There is nothing like this around hillingdon for parents to take children. Hillingdon Council has informed the owner that he needs to apply for a new license or face possible closure. Please sign and help to save such a brilliant place which is greatly needed.

High Street, Ruislip

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Reasons for signing

  • As a parent of a special needs child, there's not many places we can go that can accommodate his needs, make us feel welcome, and provide a successful outing in particularly the winter months. Jurassic Perk CafĂ© is one of a few places I can take him and his siblings on my own and know he will be safe and have a great time.
  • Great Place.! Beautifully themed... amazing place for children !!
  • brand new and a good softplay why close??


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