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To: Education Minister

Stop the change! Keep Notre Dame High All Girls

Stop the change! Keep Notre Dame High All Girls

Save the only remaining single sex state school in Scotland. Educate a girl, educate a generation.

Why is this important?

Since 1897 Notre Dame High has educated young women from all areas of Glasgow. It has provided pupils with a high standard of academic achievement and it has equipped them with the confidence to thrive in life. This sacred institution is now under threat. Let's treasure not trade!

Reasons for signing

  • I worked in this school for 32 years. It is all-inclusive, taking in girls from all over Glasgow (many from areas of social deprivation) and giving them a chance to flourish. It's results are not just academically excellent, but from a social and personal point of view the school offers a great deal extra to many girls who often feel challenged, left out and intimidated within a mixed school. Notre Dame pupils emerge as confident, assertive women ready to contribute much to society.
  • Please don't let Male Privilege win again. Notre Dame is magnificent as it is!
  • This is an important choice for many girls from multicultural and diverse backgrounds across our city. It is positively contributing to raising attainment levels and has proven itself as an educational model that works. It should be held up as an exemplar.


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