To: Hertsmere Leisure/Borough Council

Keep Open Holday Playscheme

Keep Open Holday Playscheme

Due to the closing & the redevelopments of the Hertswood Centre. The Hertsmere Leisure holiday playscheme has been closed. Their suggested use of their other centres locared in Bushey & Potters Bar is simply not good enough for the residents of Borehamwood. We would like Hertsmere Leisure to relocate this playscheme to a Venue in the local Borehamwood area. Suggested ideas have been a school building for example.

Why is this important?

Many parents/guardians rely on this facility to enable them to go to work during school holidays at an affordable price at £23 from 8am - 6pm! The playscheme itself offered sports activities, trips out & craft workshops enjoyed by the children.
Their alternative las left many parents who arn't able to drive thus commute further to these alternatives, stranded. Let's get some signatures and keep this valuable facility running!

Borehamwood WD6 5LG

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Reasons for signing

  • I will have to give up my job me or my partner do not drive
  • our offspring are important to be kept occupied in the holiday or they will get up to mischief. Me i don not drive and my sister not able get ber 3 offspring to bushey or pottersbar She need work but this will stop het getting to work in Finchley in time. i cannot look after them as i work too she no use face book
  • This facility is needed in every town


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