To: Darlington Borough Council

Keep our Greenbelt Green

Keep our Greenbelt Green

We the undersigned object to the northern link road, be it route A or route B.

We ask Darlington Borough Council and the wider Tees Valley Combined Authority to abandon the idea for these routes and the homes that will be built around them.

Why is this important?

Skerne Valley is an important green belt area. It has historical and ecological importance and deserves to be respected.

Brafferton, Coatham Mundeville, Skerningham, and Barmpton are rural communities with individual spirit. Individual spirit that will be torn in two if either of these route are allowed to progress.

The impact on the local Flora and Fauna will be catastrophic, the skerne at Barmpton is known to be home to Otters, Skerningham Woods was recently planted with Black Poplar trees at tax payers expense, by the same council that now wants to rip it all down and build on it.

There were several other routes that wereput forward, the main one being the remodelling of Junction 57, It's shown to be cheaper . more environmentally friendly and resolves more issuesbut that was dropped due to complexity and stakeholder preference. Who are these stakeholders?

To quote one local resident, "route B is like corporate vandalism, please take it off the table"
To us both routes are corporate vandalism and they both need taking off the table.

Help us to bring our displeasure to the Council by signing this petition, filling in the questionaire here and ticking NO to question 7.
Together we can make a difference and keep our Greenbelt Green.


Reasons for signing

  • These plans will have no effect on the traffic blackposts which are North Road and Faverdale. In fact it will increase traffic along the A66 corridor. Also it will devastate the local environment, bulldozing ancient woodland and wildlife.
  • we need to control demand for development anywhere first,,
  • I spent my life growing up in those fields. They are part of me. More and more roads keep arriving then the houses. When do they ever stop. Greedy councils with town centres dying but yet they make our town bigger and bigger.


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76 signatures in a less than 12 hours folks, lets keep it going, spread the word we don't want a link road and we certainly don't want more houses taking over our greenbelt. Fill in the questionnaire and say no to question 7.

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