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To: Stafford Borough Council, Staffordshire County Council, Persimmon and Greenbelt.

Keep The Crossings Clean

Persimmon and Greenbelt - sort out The Crossings Estate in Stafford, particularly the roundabout and the playground, ensure the bins are emptied regularly. The state they are currently left in is a disgrace. This is a job that you as the developer and maintenance company should be doing but you are failing to.

The councils - put pressure on Persimmon and Greenbelt to bring the playground and roundabout up to the required standard to allow the councils to adopt them.

Why is this important?

The way that the shared spaces on The Crossings in Stafford are currently being left, with overflowing bins full of dog mess, and poorly maintained green space is unacceptable and a health risk to the people who use it - the people of the area deserve better.
The Crossings, Stafford, ST17

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