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To: Lloyds Bank

Keep the last bank in our Town

Keep the last bank in our Town

We the citizens and business people of Hednesford wish to protest most strongly at the plans to close the Lloyds Bank branch at Market Street, Hednesford. We urgently recommend that you rescind and reverse your decision.\

Why is this important?

This is the last bank in the community and must remain open and a fully functioning bank branch to allow the residents and businesses in the town to function, trade and undertake their financial affairs.

Whilst there remains a Post Office and some banking can be undertaken through this two kiosk facility in part of the co-operative supermarket it is not an adequate or appropriate banking facility for our town.

The nearest alternative bank is at least 2.5 miles away in the neighbouring town of Cannock. This branch is constantly busy and transport links and times of access will hinder the trading hours and conditions of businesses; increase the risk of crime with cash takings being transported greater distances and routes; isolate vulnerable members of our community with limited access to longer public transport journey times.

Hednesford has been undergoing considerable housing and business expansion over the last few years and this will accelerate further in to the next few years including a significant increase in tourist and leisure visitors through the town to Cannock Chase an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and premium destination for mountain biking.

Hednesford has always had a Lloyds, we implore you therefore to reconsider.

Hednesford, Cannock

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Reasons for signing

  • BANKS in our towns are needed for businesses, and those who don't do internet banking. We need to discuss are financial affairs with a human not a robot. This bank brings people into hednesford for other reasons, so businesses will keep going. Hednesford will end up as a ghost town. Two kiosks at the co- operative store are not enough as the queues are long enough already. Is it all to do with profit YES
  • to save last bank in hednesford
  • Hednesford is an expanding town. If the population was declining this might be understandable but the opposite is true this decision seems perverse.


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