To: Roger Gale

Keep "Women's hour" on BBC Radio 4

Please help save Women's hour and BBC Radio 4

Why is this important?

As I've got older I have learned to appreciate radio more than I previously did and with BBC having such a wide variety of different radio stations there is one which i have become more accustomed too in my older age and if your moving on through the years as i am, you will know what BBC radio station i'm talking about. Yes radio 4.

I started on radio 1, worked my way to 2, skipped 3 and have comfortably landed on 4 all because one day at work (while painting) I thought why don't i learn a thing or two of whats happening around me while I'm working, so I did and so i write this. I mean there is a never ending list of great television shows and radio shows but for me there is one which stands out taller then the rest, and believe it or not its "women's hour". I was raised by strong women and i'm also currently with one and i know how much strength and character it takes to fight for everything you want in this world. So to hear women talk on political , historical, present day or sexual issues i feel it is of the up most importance.

Its something we can all learn from especially men like me. So lets not just save women's hour but the bbc as a whole.