To: Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee

Kibworth Skatepark Appeal

Kibworth Skatepark Appeal

To show the level of support to prove that there is a genuine local need for a concrete Skatepark in the Kibworth Parish now the existing Skatepark has been removed without any firm plans to replace it.

We would like them to work with the users of Old Kibworth Skatepark and encourage new participants to get involved in this exciting project to locate and help fund a Concrete Skatepark within The Kibworth Parish.

Why is this important?

Skateparks have grown dramatically in popularity and are proven to increase health, well-being, community cohesion whilst reducing social exclusion and anti social behaviour. The Skatepark will not only benefit Skatepark users, it will enhance the Village and will be an asset to
The whole community.

The new Skatepark will be a free-to-use, safe, inclusive and family orientated sports facility for users of all ages. Professionally designed and constructed by a company selected by the Kibworth Skatepark Appeal with design input from local Skatepark users of all ages.


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Reasons for signing

  • Every minute spent here is a minute not spent on an iPad / phone / etc. Plus, as a parent, I love going out and riding BMX with my son. Having to ride street now means that both of us are putting ourselves in danger from traffic.
  • The alternative is riding street which can be dangerous with all the traffic
  • The Village needs this facility. Safe place to skate off the roads & footpaths


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