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To: Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust; Lancashire County Council; Blapool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Lancashire County Council withdraws any intention of awarding the contract To Virgin Care

Campaign created by
Gina Eastwood

This petition by the undersigned residents in the area served by the above named trusts: thanks the Trusts for High Court action HT-2017- 00386 to preventthe County Council from awarding to Virgin Care the contract for public health and nursing services for children and young people under 18 across the whole of Lancashire.

Why is this important?

This will cost local Lancashire Health Trusts £2.08mil for a nominal saving. It is important to reduce outsourcing because private providers owe a duty to their shareholders, as well as patients and may therefore seek to hide behind principles of ’commercial confidentiality’. Private providers are not subject to the Freedom of Information law in the same way that NHS organisations are

Lancashire, Blackpool Fylde and Wyre ares

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