Letter to the ICC at the Hague Re Mistreatment of the Disabled and Sick

To: Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Prosecutor

Letter to the ICC at the Hague Re Mistreatment of the Disabled and Sick
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Dear Mrs. Fatou Bensouda

We are aware that Mr Samuel Miller has written to you to ask if it possible to file an ICC complaint against several British Ministers—namely, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and Maria Miller for their role in the draconian welfare reforms and the resultant deaths of our society’s most vulnerable.

We, the undersigned, are adding our voices to Mr Miller's request for answers to the following questions:

Are austerity deaths of the sick and disabled in the U.K. considered a crime against humanity by the ICC?

Would the UNCRPD be taken into consideration by the court?

Do you believe that the sick and disabled of Britain have a justiciable ICC case?


Why is this important?

I am sure many of you are aware of the measures that the Govt has introduced to root out the supposed fraudsters claiming Disability and Sickness Benefits. This is being carried out by a company called Atos, based on a system produced by an American Insurance Company called Unum, which has been declared unfit in the US.

The result of this decision by the Govt is the deaths of approximately 70 people every week who have been declared fit for work by Atos. It is alleged many of these people are dying in poverty, and many more are forced into poverty after being declared fit for work because they can't get work, or cannot complete the work fare element of JSA.

While you have your health, none of this matters. But one simple mishap could mean you finding yourself on the receiving end of this, and I am convinced you would not have to look too far to find someone in your social circles who is also suffering at the hands of this system.

The letter written by Samuel Miller has a long list of links to support this, and if a Canadian is going to put the effort into helping us, surely we need to speak up with him.


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  • Carol L. 2015-05-09 19:01:19 +0100
    I lost my best friend who was a husband and Dad, DWP hounded him giving him impossible appointments to attend knowing that he was either at Papworth having heart treatment or on dialysis appointment dates, he told them that the only days he could attend, yet they still sent out appointments for the days he was in treatment. Then they stopped his sick pay when he didn't get there. He died during treatment. He wasn't even cold in his coffin when his wife was told to go get a job. Disgusting!
  • Jill M. 2015-05-09 18:55:58 +0100
    Having been declared "fit for work" myself last year and being without money for months on end I am signing this. I had to rely on friends and family to help as I was too weak mentally to cope with claiming JSA and the added pressures that would put on me. I won at an independent tribunal in the end.
  • Sue O. 2015-05-02 18:39:52 +0100
    Because the sick and disabled are being scapegoated by these ministers with the excuse of deficit reduction. It is an ideological attack based on rolling back the state.


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