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To: Liam Fox MP

Liam Fox please resign as Patron of Mencap North Somerset

Liam Fox please resign as Patron of Mencap North Somerset

We call on Liam Fox to resign as Patron of Mencap's North Somerset branch.

Why is this important?

Mencap opposes the Employment and Support Allowance cuts. It is not acceptable for an MP who promotes himself as patron of North Somerset branch of Mencap to vote in favour of cutting the incomes of the people that Mencap represents.

Part 2 of the Capability for Work questionnaire specifically covers activities that the people who Mencap supports will be finding difficult.


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Reasons for signing

  • a complete nightmare that he is in charge whilst voting against his electorate getting welfare payments!!
  • Hypocrite - took his 11% pay rise and then voted to take from some of the most needy in society
  • Just resign already for crying out loud.


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