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To: Glasgow City Council

Light up Queen's Park, Glasgow

Install proper/sufficient lighting on all major paths/thoroughfares in Glasgow's Queen's Park.

Why is this important?

Queens Park is a community friendly park located in Glasgow's southside.

It is used and loved by families, dog walkers, nature enthusiasts and children on a daily basis. Surrounded by schools and several diverse neighbourhoods this park is the heart of these communities.

The most recent attack on a young woman is hugely upsetting and potentially, avoidable. In June 2016, I met with Glasgow City Council officials as a result of this campaign at that time. Their answer was 'no' to lighting for the park. This latest incident is one of a series of attacks over the years. Yet in Glasgow Green - 2 miles or so away- there is night time lighting that helps more people using the park feel safer.

As anyone in Scotland will attest the days can be short and daylight scarce. Avoiding a community park after dark is not always an option. These incidences and attacks could be reduced or eliminated by proper lighting on footpaths and major thoroughfares crossing the park.

I have created this petition to ask Glasgow City Council to install PROPER and sufficient lighting on these routes to fully light these paths and effectively increase the safety of everyone using Queen's Park.

Queen's Park, Langside Road, Glasgow

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