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To: Liz Truss, Minister for the Environment

Liz Truss - call an immediate end to the badger cull.

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Paul Caton
Liz Truss - call an immediate end to the badger cull.

Dear Minister,
On behalf of Britain's millions of compassionate wildlife supporters, I urge you to listen to the advice of scientists, independent bodies and the government's own expert advisers and call an immediate end to the badger cull, on the misinformed grounds that it will help curb the spread of Bovine TB amongst cattle and wildlife. I would like to petition the Minister to abandon any further cull plans and replace them with an intense, systematic programme of vaccination of our badgers and cattle.

Why is this important?

There is no scientific basis that the culling of badgers will help combat the spread of Bovine TB. If anything, it will make the problem worse and the trial culls have been proved both ineffective and inhumane. It is a political tool with which the government perseveres, to appease the farming industry despite overwhelming expert, scientific advice. It seeks to remove an iconic, protected and much loved wild mammal from our landscapes and encourages illegal baiting and cruelty towards this and other wild animals.

Reasons for signing

  • Because there is no reason to kill them. They can be vaccinated.
  • When will they learn?
  • Ineffective and cruel means


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