To: Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Longdendale Parents Bus Service Campaign

Longdendale Parents Bus Service Campaign

Ensure all children travelling to and from Longdendale High School can travel in safety and at appropriate times on a designated Yellow School Bus.

Why is this important?

Since the beginning of this school year, the existing service (the 835) had been over crowded beyond legal capacity. When this was reported the buses started shutting their doors or driving past children when they were full, leaving the children stranded and unsafe.
The imposed solution by Longdendale High School and Transport for Greater Manchester that these children should use public transport is unacceptable. The roads and traffic volumes are unsafe, there is no appropriate safe guarding and the buses do not run at convenient times. Many of the children, some age eleven and just starting high school, simply do not possess the skills or confidence to negotiate busy main roads, public transport and issues with other bus travellers effectively or safely. The imposed solution was taken without any consultation with parents, despite multiple complaints to the school and Transport for Greater Manchester. It does not take into account the safeguarding of our children, and is failing to provide an effective community service as is a contractual obligation.

Tameside, Greater Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • this has impacted my son incredibly. he's disabled and this has been a farce.
  • Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility
  • It is important that children are safe travelling to and from school. SAFETY FIRST!!


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