To: Humphrey Smith

Allowing Bikers to use Samuel Smiths Pubs

Allowing Bikers to use Samuel Smiths Pubs

Reinstate the rights of Bikers to use the Royal Oak Ulley and other Samuel Smiths pubs

Why is this important?

Mr Smith, for years many of us have been discriminated against for our choice of transport, but now another ban is force, banned from drinking in Sam Smiths public houses, in your own words Bikers are seen as "undesirables" and should not be in the village . In fact the so called "undesirables" are your clients and villagers and regular customers Mr Smith, these include doctors, police officers, vicars, chefs, quantity surveyors, retirees and many other people from all walks of life and cultures, but seen now as second rate citizens. we would ask you to recognise you are taking away the rights of residents to drink in their own local public house, people who have supported you for decades, including some people who have NO alternative transport, people who have never caused trouble,there is not a single resident of Ulley Village who wanted this ban (the first pub to be hit) nor do any of the regulars who are friends, family and admirers of the bikes and ask you reverse this discrimination

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person with press in attendance

Reasons for signing

  • I ride full time as a choice, my other choice is to no longer frequent Samuel Smith pubs, which I used to on a very regular basis, sorry Widow Cullens Well, Lincoln
  • Both myself and wife ride, our children both ride. We're a normal family who just happen to enjoy 2 wheels. So Mr Smith why am I a second class citizen when on my motorcycle who can be discriminated against. But an upright citizen when I arrive by car. As an aside when you watch the drunken fights on a saturday night in the town centre - exactly how many leather jacketed bikers appear to be involved??
  • My husband and I both ride motorbikes - my husband works for the church outreaching to a needy community, helping many every week and I care for our elderly infirm parents. So when we go for a nice ride to relax, I'm unclear why we'd be unwelcome at your public house?


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