To: Secretary of State for Health The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP

Make British Politicians and MPs Use The NHS Instead of Private Healthcare

Make British Politicians and MPs Use The NHS Instead of Private Healthcare

Make all British politicians and all Members of Parliament rely on the NHS for all their healthcare needs. Ban the use of private healthcare for all British politicians and all Members of Parliament and their families.

Why is this important?

All British politicians and all Members of Parliament need to experience the poor care and clinical negligence that the British public face when using the NHS - otherwise the service received on the NHS will never improve.

It must be acknowledged that there are some fabulous NHS staff caring for people as we speak and that they give their very best despite being understaffed and overworked. This petition is not about them, this petition is regarding the type of NHS staff detailed below.

Having read and heard endless horror stories of clinical negligence by NHS healthcare providers in the news and in health forums, I was naive to think these things wouldn't happen to me.

This year I have had a serious illness that was repeatedly misdiagnosed as trivial illnesses by numerous GPs, despite being in extremely severe pain for a week and a half. Whilst in agonising pain, I was asked to wait for a letter to tell me when I can have tests done. I was finally admitted to hospital for a week after demanding that tests be done in A&E immediately.

People who can't afford private healthcare should not have to die like Phillipa Odlin due to being dismissed at A&E by judgemental staff saying she had a hangover when, in fact, she had fatal diabetic complications. Read the story below:

NHS mental health teams are another issue. Only 15 per cent of people in the UK who require psychiatric treatment on the NHS actually receive it.

Charlie Marks lost his life because he had to rely on the NHS to treat him for his mental health problems and wasn't taken seriously. Read the story below:

Why should only people who can afford private healthcare, such as British politicians and Members of Parliament, be entitled to adequate healthcare? Being treated for conditions that could be life-threatening as well as trivial conditions should be a right, not a luxury reserved just for the rich. Positive changes to the NHS will only be made when all British politicians and all Members of Parliament (as well as their families and relatives) have to rely on the NHS for all of their healthcare needs.

This will equate to equal human rights for all in the United Kingdom.

Reasons for signing

  • Mp'so and their familys should have waiting and cuts hanging over their heads.Surely they wouldn't chance their own suffering like the "cattle"of society
  • If MPs think its good enough for us, it should be good enough for them.
  • I believe that as long as politicians receive private medical aid there is no hope of any major changes to the NHS.


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