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To: Nicky Morgan - Secretary of State for Education

Make First Aid a part of the National Curriculum

Make First Aid a part of the National Curriculum

Please give our children important life skills and add basic First Aid to the National Curriculum!

Why is this important?

Why should a child watch a member of their family or friend suffer in pain and have no idea what to do? That kind of pressure and guilt should not be put on children. First aid should be taught in Primary and Secondary schools so that our children can be the difference between life and death and can even know what to do for themselves if they need first aid. It's all well and good children learning science, mathematics and literacy, but saving a life overrules all of that in retrospect.

Give our children a well rounded education with important life skills!

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • To many lives are lost due to a lack of basic skills.
  • Let's build generations of lifesavers!
  • The knowledge of basic first aid and accident management will save may lives and prevent many helpers becoming additional casualties.


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