To: Ford UK car manufacturers

Make Ford UK recall, and fix how easy keyless cars can be stolen.

Make Ford UK recall, and fix how easy keyless cars can be stolen.

Make Ford UK make adjustments to their ECU software, and/or fit a disabling device to owners OBD port, thus making the car harder or impossible to steal without the key-fob, or changing to a key’d entry and start option.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of Ford cars that use their “Keyless” entry and start, are being stolen each week.
Most of these being people’s pride and joy, with normally hundreds and thousands being spent on their cars. Ford are ignoring the issue and they should be held responsible! Every day on social media we are seeing Ford cars, like the RS and ST models being stolen in seconds, and this needs to stop, or make it harder for the thieves!
I honestly couldn’t imagine how it must feel to wake up in the morning and see your vehicle not there.
Insurance premiums are going up for these type of vehicles and most owners work bloody hard to own and maintain one, so why should little scum bags be able to steal them so easily and so quickly!

How it will be delivered

To Ford UK and the UK government officials

Reasons for signing

  • we need to protect our fords from scum
  • Ford are gifting cars to thieves with security that is not fit for purpose. If technology can beat the system, then Ford need to change the software now as dozens of cars with keyless entry are stolen every week
  • Thieves stole my Fiesta in under 15 seconds with a device anyone can buy off Amazon. Keyless entry is totally unfit for purpose. Ford know this is happening and do nothing.


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