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To: Wealden District Council / East Sussex County Council

Make Hailsham’s High Street Disabled Access Friendly Again

Please remove or if possible reposition the bollards on the narrow parts of the High Street in Hailsham so disabled people can get past each other. This will be vital once the post office moves to that area.

Why is this important?

The High Street does look good with the improvements and the bollards were meant to stop cars parking on the pavement.

But now there’s a problem on the narrow parts for disabled people using scooters and wheelchairs and people with prams. They can’t stop to go into the shops as another scooter/wheelchair/pram can’t get past and they can’t pass another from the opppsote direction. They can’t do a U turn either.

Please sign so that Hailsham Town Council comes up with a solution to suit disabled people and the car parking problem.

Even if you aren’t disabled please be kind and sign as disabled people are often thought of last, if thought of at all.

Thank you.


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