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To: David Cameron

Make it Accessible

Change the laws so that listed buildings can be made wheelchair accessible.

Why is this important?

I am physically challenged and use an electric wheelchair, I find it increasingly frustrating when I ask why a building is not accessible only to hear that nothing can be done because the building is listed. I completely understand that we need to preserve history and beautiful buildings, but how on earth can I enjoy these buildings if I can't gain access, which is surely a BASIC human right?

But here's the thing, its not only for leisure that its affecting me, its affecting me in my work. Not so long ago I had to work in a venue that wasn't accessible because it was listed, even the staff were so frustrated at the situation as it affected not only wheelchair users but also elderly, parents with push chairs and suppliers getting supplies in to the building.

Its not fair, the law needs changing and can be changed.

United Kingdom

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