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To: NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups

Make osteopathy available to all on the NHS

Make osteopathy available to all on the NHS

Include osteopathy as an option that is freely available for everyone in the UK who needs it

Why is this important?

The petition has been sent to NHS England who responded that the responsibility for these decisions is with local CCGs; so it's over to you to send this petition, or your own personal message to your local CCG which you can find here:

According to the NHS Choices website: "Back pain is a common problem that affects most people at some point in their life." Two years ago I developed excruciating knee, lower back and shoulder pain. Despite powerful painkillers, the pain was so bad that I was unable to stand for three weeks. My GP prescribed pain killers and referred me for physiotherapy which helped - but was very slow. After being in continual pain for a year it eventually got under control.

But then a few weeks ago the pain started again following exactly the same pattern. A colleague recommended her osteopath who listened carefully to the sequence of events, looked at all the affected parts together, made a diagnosis, did half an hour of massage and manipulation and the pain was greatly reduced and after three treatments was virtually gone. I was able to continue working throughout and haven’t needed any painkillers.

Many friends and family members say they've had similar positive experiences of osteopathy, while the NHS was able to offer only painkillers and physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can be effective, but adding osteopathy as an alternative would provide greater choice and may suit some people better - as well as being quick and highly effective.

NHS Choices says “There is good evidence that osteopathy is effective for the treatment of persistent lower back pain. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends it as a treatment for this condition.” The total cost of my treatment was over £300. I struggled to find the money; for many people it would be impossible. So why isn’t the option of osteopathy available everywhere on the NHS? At a time when there is sharp awareness of the need for the NHS to be cost effective, osteopathy could alleviate some of its problems of overburdening and under-resourcing. And it could definitely help alleviate the pain and misery of many people with back pain.

Please sign this petition if you agree that osteopathy should be available to anyone who needs it, not just those who can afford it or happen to live in an area whose Clinical Commissioning Group offer it.

Useful websites:
NHS Choices - Osteopathy:
Institute of Osteopathy - NHS matters (for osteopaths)

Reasons for signing

  • There is a failure in the NHS to offer recognised alternative services. This move would not only help patients, but reduce GPs workload from returning patients, reduce medication expenses to the NHS and help more people to be fit to work. If services like osteopathy cannot be including within the NHS umbrella directly, the a farther reaching scheme like Personal Health Budgets should be in place to pay for services.
  • Two sessions of Osteopathy worked whereas 7 weeks of NHS physio didn't.
  • I believe if help is out there to make you pain free then it should be available , people pay national insurance contributions so why can't this become available to everyone


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