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To: Plymouth City Council

Make Plymouth Town Centre Safe

Make Plymouth Town Centre Safe

Make Plymouth safer for our kids and stop bikes riding through the town centre.

Why is this important?

Bikes ride through town with no care for whom is about not looking at where they are going some use motors on their bikes which are faster then pedal bikes.

Our daughter was knocked down by a push bike whilst playing in the park in the center of town, she was rushed to A&E, then transferred to Bristol children's hospital as a result of a fracture to her skull.

She now will not leave the house alone or go out in the dark, this has set her back loads she cant not go to school for a while, play games like she did in case she knocks her head, She is suffering with spouts of memory loss and confusion.

She keeps saying that her life has been ruined because of him, she don't understand why it happened to her, she is only 8 years old.

This has been one of the hardest weeks of her life and family, we want to stop this happening to anyone else.


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Reasons for signing

  • cycling in a pedestrian area is anti-social
  • Plymouth is a lovely place but not safe for children on the play area . Council should sort this out without petition !!
  • My elderly mother was always frightened of being hurt. She couldn't see very well and anything unexpected worried her.


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