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To: University of Birmingham, West Midlands Police, Bournbrook Councillors, Selly Oak MP and West Midlands Metro Mayor

Make Selly Oak Safer

Make Selly Oak Safer

The Guild of Students Officer Team demand that the University of Birmingham, like other Universities around the country, to take an active role in the community to ensure the safety of their students. We want the University to take seriously that the crime rate typically increases in Selly Oak over the autumn and winter months.

We request that the University’s security staff increase efforts to patrol the streets of Selly Oak – this approach has been seen in Universities across the country such as Bristol and Manchester to great effect. We request that the University lobby landlords to make much needed improvements to the security of their houses. We request that the local council works with the University to invest in greater CCTV provision and provide gates between houses in the community.

Please sign this petition if you agree that the University must do more to protect the students living in Selly Oak.

Why is this important?

The University, as one of Birmingham’s largest employers, must use its political influence to prioritise the safety of its students and keep this at the top of the agendas of local councillors and MPs. Whilst the police have continually offered wonderful support in times of crisis, due to local and national funding cuts to the police it is clear they are overworked and not able to offer the support that is so badly needed in the area.

Every year there is a call to action but nothing is ever resolved. It’s time for the University and local government to follow through on its promises and ensure that student safety is continually at the forefront of their priorities – and not just something discussed ‘after the event’. These stakeholders need to take individual and collective responsibility for ensuring the safety of students in Selly Oak.

Birmingham B15 2TU

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