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To: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Make St Nicholas Community School Safe & Accessible

Make St Nicholas Community School Safe & Accessible

Dear Graham Stuart and East Riding Council,

Poor lighting, access and drainage is directly affecting safety and wellbeing of children, staff, parents and visitors of St Nicholas Community Primary School.

We the undersigned demand that St Nicholas Community Primary School and the access to it, is made fit and completed to a standard that is safe and suitable for those who use it and the area around it.

Why is this important?

In summer of 2017 the new build of St Nicholas Community Primary School ground to a halt as the contractor went into liquidation ( ) preventing the school opening on schedule in the summer.
The new site opened after a two week half term in October, this delay cost parents and teachers a considerable amount in childcare. Further delays followed as utilities on site were not up to standard. Staff endeavoured to minimise disruption to the children’s education at the cost of their own time and effort.
Some of this disruption has been going on since the start of the new build over two years ago.

Today the school is still a building site with areas cordoned off, and re-cordoned off when the weather blew those down.

Throughout the winter children have had to access a poorly lit school for after school events and clubs. There is no street-lighting on the path leading into the school beside St Nicholas Church. It is not safe and very frightening for pupils.
The path has not been widened and does not provide enough space for the footfall accessing the school with prams, bikes, scooters or more than one child.

There is no easy or safe access for parents to drop off or collect their children without causing obstructions, trespass or danger to life. Choke points make it dangerous for children using their bikes, scooters and walking into school.

Poor traffic control on the corner of Holme Church Lane, Bulcher Lane, and Beaver Road is also putting lives at risk.

The extended closure of footpath No12 leading from Holme Church Lane to Grovehill Road continues to cause elderly residents problems, disorienting them or making it impossible for them to navigate.
All these matters were raised at the planning consultations. None of them have been resolved. This is not a 21st Century school as one ward councillor hoped for.

The school field was lost when the new build began, two years later children still do not have access to a large, suitable by law, play area. Currently 300 children are limited to exercise on a small tennis court.

Once again contractors are delayed due to poor drainage and contractors are now damaging original work while repairing other problems.

Many minor injuries have been caused on the footpath. Children are scared of attending school clubs, deciding against after school activities because of the dark. Car drivers are not able to see/react to those crossing the roads in the area resulting in a number of close calls. Children have to wear mud soaked clothes when they fall from their bikes or slip in the mud as there simply aren't enough spare uniforms to go around. Play and exercise time is limited because of lack of space.

We believe our children should be able to access and use the school safely. This is not the case. The health and well-being of the pupils have been put second for too long.

Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

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2018-05-08 06:32:45 +0100

The council advised that work would return in April.
On April 31st (last Monday) contractors did return to begin pumping out the standing water still on the field. They will be on site for 7 weeks, at the end of which drainage will be in place and the field will have been seeded. Therefore the school will not have access to a sports field this summer.
There are no plans to resolve the lighting issue around Footpath no12 along side the church or via the Grovehill Road access. This entrance still remains closed to the public. There are no plans to address the width of the path along side the church. There are no plans to address the danger to life on Holme Church Lane caused by repositioning the school.

2018-04-05 07:14:26 +0100


With regard to school access, we are advised that there had never been any plans to light or widen or resurface “Footpath 12” along the side of St Nicholas Church. It is not and was not the intention on the plan that access should be gained to the school via this side footpath. Parents, staff and visitors were expected to use the main entrance via Church View.
This is currently fenced, and approximately 2 metres wide. It would not be viable for all 300+ pupils and parents, prams, bikes, scooters etc to use that one entrance, let alone once the school reaches maximum capacity of 400 pupils.
This restrictive access is putting lives at risk, not just from parents accessing the school in cars but by any Ambulance, Police or Fire Service needed to access school in an emergency. Should children and staff need to be evacuated the current safety fencing, limited walkways and restrictions would also prove dangerous.

2018-04-05 07:10:15 +0100


At the end of the school term parents discovered that the school sports day will for a third year be held at the Leisure Centre as the field will not be completed in time.
This suggests that despite reassurances that the field area would be complete for summer, it is not on track.
The council have advised that the work will continue in April, and it was always due to be a two phase proposal. However, it is obvious that with the additional rain over the last week, the area is still waterlogged and this will delay progress once more. At the time of writing, there is no work being undertaken by the contractor on site.

2018-04-05 07:09:48 +0100

Thank you for signing our petition after coverage on BBC Look North and Radio Humberside I’d like to update you on where things stand. The school council have been collecting signatures on a paper petition, and we would like to thank all the local businesses who have supported our campaign.
Last week MP Graham Stuart contacted the East Riding Council’s Director of Children, Families and Schools at East Riding Yorkshire Council, Mr Hall on behalf of the school.
Unfortunately nothing has changed, and there are no plans to address some of the issues.
Please keep sharing and making people aware.
Thank you.

2018-03-16 17:50:47 +0000

Thank you so much those who took the time to speak with reporters outside school.
There has been a lot of media interest today, both BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Look North have been in touch.
Graham Stuart has also contacted us, he is now taking an active interest in matters.

Please keep sharing the petition, it's not just about a muddy field and a contractor who went bankrupt. It's about making sure it's safe fit for purpose sooner rather than 'eventually'.
Thank you for your support!

2018-03-15 14:59:09 +0000

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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