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Migrate NHS to Linux

Migrate NHS to Linux

Migrate the operating systems of every NHS computer from Windows to Linux.

Why is this important?

The NHS has just fallen victim of an international cyber-attack but what no one is talking about is how this was the consequence of a blatant error: placing our health system in the hands of a self-oriented international corporation.

All the tax payers money used to acquire thousands of Windows XP licenses were simply wasted the moment Microsoft decided to discontinue this version of their operating system. The abandonment of support via security updates by Microsoft since April 2014 is at the core of the NHS' exposure to international hackers.

Now the NHS, as well as other public services providers, are rushing to update their operating systems. But we cannot let them make the same mistake again. Moreover, newer versions of Windows also require faster machines, dragging the NHS into a huge expenditure which it can clearly not afford.

It is time to move to a more reliable and cheaper alternative that is perfectly suitable for the computers the NHS currently has. Linux operating system is more than appropriate for the kind of tasks required, which are mainly office and data-keeping related.

There are several UK based firms offering installation and maintenance of Linux operating systems in large scale. Such that as an extra bonus of this migration, our own internal market will be boosted, creating jobs and generating domestic income.

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Reasons for signing

  • Ultimately, the NHS will make HUGE savings, releasing cash to be spent on treatments, rather than a US corporation
  • This would never have happened with FOSS. You can't backdoor something that's GPL'd as everyone has the source code so these vulnerabilities are either a) nonexistent or b) patched very rapidly. Linux and other opensource/libre software is more secure by default.
  • Open source software should be used wherever possible in public service to save money and make more secure IT infrastuctures


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