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To: NHS England and Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health

Moratorium on A&E closures and hospital reorganisations

Moratorium on A&E closures and hospital reorganisations

Please call an immediate moratorium on further NHS A&E closures and hospital reorganisations until there is independently verified clinical evidence that they can be carried out safely and until there is a clear public mandate for closures and reorganisations.

Why is this important?

- Local people, across the country, are demonstrating that they are opposed to reorganisation plans
- In many place there was totally inadequate consultation about plans for A&E closures and wider hospital reorganisations
- Urgent Care Centres are an untried alternative to local A&Es
- A&E services are under severe strain at present - further reducing these as we come into winter means lives will be put at risk
- Reorganisations are driving an increasing privatisation of our NHS together with the Health and Social Care Act and growing threats from TTIP

The petition is the initiative of Save Our Hospitals: Hammersmith and Charing Cross.


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