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More affordable homes not housing association right to buy

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Clare Ibberson-John
More affordable homes not housing association right to buy

Instead of subsidising the extension of right to acquire for Housing Association Tenants and forcing Local Authorities to sell valuable housing assets under the Housing Bill, invest money directly in building social housing and affordable homes.

Why is this important?

The number of people living in social housing in this country is in decline. As waiting lists continue to grow, more and more people are being forced into private rented housing instead. This is leaving thousands of families and vulnerable households without a suitable home.

There are more than 1.8 million households waiting for a social home – an increase of 81% since 1997.
Two thirds of households on the waiting list have been waiting for more than a year.
Nearly 41,000 households with dependent children were living in temporary accommodation at the end of December 2012. (Information from Shelter - England)

A secure, affordable home is essential to all aspects of well being - economic, social, health (both physical and psychological) and especially for those who are vulnerable because of age, disabilities or other challenges.

A wealthy country like the UK can benefit from building social and affordable homes and move away from focusing on home ownership for the few and profit for private landlords.

Reasons for signing

  • The Housin Bill is political lunacy. Even the Daily Torygraph called it economically illiterate and immoral. Why is this petition so slow. The Labour Party are doing better:
  • Any property bought under right-to-buy, with any discount, should attract a tax on the full annual rental value of the land (to replace council tax), in order to pay for affordable homes. & for the Landlords, tax heavily the Land element of the annual rental value (the rest, the building element is the same for all similar houses irrespective of location [& long-term maintenance costs are proportional to that building element].
  • because yesterday I saw the hopelessness in young couples.I spoke to a guy who was fed up with sofa surfing, he had a good job but no small single person places are available.


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