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To: The government

More NHS mental health hospitals need opening, not closing.

All over the country, mental health beds are being cut. Therefore sending people miles and miles away to a different area.
Beds should be opening, so that more people are able to access help. I want to see new units opening, or at the very least, a cap to be put on closing anymore beds.

Why is this important?

When you're at a time where you're mentally distressed, to the point you need to be in hospital, knowing where you are plays a bigger role than you'd think.
If you know you're up the road from your house, or a short bus ride away, it gives you peace of mind. You know you're family and friends will be able to visit you, and bring you things you might need. It also means you can have effective home leave before being discharged.
Now imagine, you're being sent 100miles away from your home, to a place where you probably don't know anyone. What if no one in your family drives? You become alone and isolated, at a time where being around people who love you matters more than anything; but you're all alone instead.
There are kids being sent far away! Some as young as 12.
If you're far away, and you are in a unit where you can't use your mobile, how are you meant to stay in contact with friends? What if you're in that hospital for months? Having no familiarity makes you sink even lower.
It is essential that more is done to improve the current bed crisis.



2017-11-20 21:40:04 +0000

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