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To: Housing and planning minister

More social housing

I want some common sense put into the debate about the housing crisis.

It`s not more houses to buy that`s needed, it`s affordable rents from building council and housing association properties, that can replenish the stock after the disastrous `right to buy` policy was implemented by the Thatcher government.

I want to see a proper, and sustainable building programme put in place, that resolves the housing crisis. Council estates don`t have to be `ghettos`; design with people in mind, not one that`s an architect`s vision for the future.
There`s no need for the `them and us` mentality that exists between private home owners and the tenant. Council estates have received a bad reputation due to poor design, which leads to crime in the area, and a lack of care for their community.

Why is this important?

Many people are now having to seek private rented accommodation, due to there being a lack of social housing. They are being exploited by rogue, and greedy landlords, who can get away with mistreating tenants because they don`t have anywhere else to go. It`s common to read: NO DSS, NO PETS and NO CHILDREN ! Are people on benefits commiting a crime by having to accept benefits ??
Landlords are able to dictate terms, increase the rent and give you short notice to leave. We need to have affordable and secure tenancies, not expensive private lets.
Previous, and existing governments, have created this dilemma, and they have admitted to relying on private landlords to fill in the gap.

Right to buy is brilliant for the people that can take advantage of this opportunity, but, if there is no plan to replace these properties, they are lost to anyone wanting to rent for ever.
I believe that the revenue from the right to buy was used to help pay off the national debt; which is very short sighted, and has resulted in the dire situation we have in the housing market now.

I would like to reiterate, please, can we have some COMMON SENSE used before any government policies are implemented ?

How it will be delivered

I would deliver them in person, and if necessary, stage a press conference.


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