To: Carmarthenshire County Council

Morfa Bychan Access - Byway open to all Traffic

Morfa Bychan Access - Byway open to all Traffic

Whilst deploring the waste left by a small number of long term campers we object to the Prohibition of Driving Order imposed by Carmarthen County Council. The signs are to be replaced with locked gates unless we act now.

Why is this important?

Although many people prefer to walk the mile long byway others are unable to, disabled access to this public amenity must be re instated. Others affected include families with young children, fishermen, climbers, canoeists, in fact as there is no public parking on the road just about anyone who would like to visit.


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Reasons for signing

  • With two little ones the long walk down to our closest beach is a trek we can just about do. However, once we have played on the beach the walk back is impossible without carrying the kids. This is not possible when we have beach equipment to carry etc. This restriction (due to a handful of idiots) is punishing young local families like ours. The actions of the few should not punish the majority of respectful people that want to continue to appreciate this beach. Please support this petition.
  • its the right thing to do ....
  • the public have a right to go there. I always thought god owned the land


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