To: PM Theresa May & The Palace of Westminster

Rename the Westminster carriage gateway "Palmer's Gate"

Rename the Westminster carriage gateway "Palmer's Gate"

In honour of PC Keith Palmer, name the Westminster gateway where he was killed, "Palmer's Gate".

Why is this important?

Important to be done in recognition of PC Palmer's selfless, and heroic act, in confronting the armed terrorist, and protecting the security of Parliament, of Democracy, and the freedoms of this great country.

For this, for us, he paid with his life.

Keith Palmer must be the first person in over 300yrs to die in the line of duty, directly protecting from attack, the Palace of Westminster, the seat of Government, the seat of our democracy.

RIP PC Keith Palmer, and thank you.

Reasons for signing

  • Because I am only able to work in safety thanks to the selfless bravery of PC Palmer and his police colleagues who ran towards danger.


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