To: Rt hon. Karen Bradley MP Secretary of State Digital, Culture, Media, Sport.

National Archive will Reduce Access the Public Have to View Records.

National Archive will Reduce  Access the Public Have to View Records.

To get the National Archive to rethink plans for change to how thepublic will be able to access their records onsite at Kew.

Why is this important?

The National Archive plans to change the way the public access records onsite at Kew, which will make it impossible to see documents on the day unless you have an appointment. To do this they will cut 60 plus jobs from Document Services and
Reprographics departments.
1 .At present visitors can turn up at the NA and have access to records; under proposed changes access will be by appointment only. 100 appts per day will be available. Visitors making appts have to give advance notice of records they wish to see, if you don't know document reference number you will not be able to see documents.
2. This proposal will outsource work of Reprographics dept. This dept makes revenue for the National Archive.

The National Archives, Kew, Richmond

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Reasons for signing

  • Reducing access to public records would be a step backwards. It also smells like preparation for complete privatisation of the National Archives, maybe going to G4S or some other shower.
  • It's a public service that should be equally accessible by the UK .....not everyone can afford to stay in London for 3 days
  • The National Archive is a National Treasure, it is publicly owned and its records are available to all of us. These changes would seriously restrict access.


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