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To: Theresa May Prime Minister

Nationalise Carillion now

Nationalise Carillion now

Nationalise Carillion

Why is this important?

UK construction firm Carillion is in huge financial trouble. It is being reported the UK's second-largest construction company is shouldering a whopping £1.5bn debt pile and could collapse into administration by Monday.

Carillion runs prisons, schools and hospitals (some 12,000 beds) and employs about 20,000 people in the UK, with more staff abroad.

Mainstream news coverage reports the government is in crisis talks with Carillion and lending banks HSBC, RBS, Barclays and Lloyds, who are demanding a taxpayer bailout.

After bailing out RBS in 2008 without imposing Government control, it is unthinkable that Government would pour more public money into the coffers of Carillion's PFI shareholders.

We believe that the government can help by simply nationalising Carillion and bringing the PFI contracts it manages back into public control.

The only way to protect services and the staff is to nationalise, not line the pockets of shareholders, particularly any shareholders who have avoided paying tax on profits.

Governments PFI experiment has failed, with 68% of the UK public agreeing PFI deals should be banned. it is now time to accept responsibility and do the right thing by nationalising Carillion.

Furthermore, we ask that a forensic audit investigation is commenced into how a consortium which included Carillion - while in acute financial distress, was awarded a £1.4bn contract for the HS2 rail link.

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“To see what this means, take the HS2 rail link, where Carillion this summer was part of a consortium that won a £1.4bn contract to knock tunnels through the Chilterns. If Carillion goes under, what happens to the largest infrastructure project in Europe? What happens to its partners on the deal, British firm Kier, and France’s Eiffage? The project will need to be put back and the taxpayer will almost certainly have to step in.”

Redefining Corruption - Public Polling on attitudes to PFI by Liverpool University

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FT: Vince Cable warns taxpayers must not bear brunt of Carillion bailout

Reasons for signing

  • I would love to see more cooperatives where the money is reinvested and some shared. People could work for the common good.
  • The market has failed - everywhere. Time to bring back public ownership (and control)....
  • When a sovereign fiat-issuing government do not find public services directly via money creation, instead forcing funding from private lenders, they are breaking the social contract with tax payers.


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