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Neha Chaudhry's Renewal of Visa application

Neha Chaudhry's Renewal of Visa application

Neha Chaudhry has developed a "Smart" walking stick for Parkinsons sufferers. With winning nearly £100,000 of investment, interest from the NHS and patient groups for her pioneering , the walking stick tackles the problem of joint freezing that affects many with Parkinson's.
The Home Office have rejected her visa renewal application due to her mistakenly filing the wrong version of a single document in a 256 page application form.

Why is this important?

Miss Chaudry's walking aid could transform thousands of lives. But a technical error has left her in the situation of leaving the UK within 14 days or file an apoeal whuch does not automatically allow her ro file the correct version of this document.- an appointment's report detailing her status as a director of the company she founded.
Unless the Home Office realises this was an unintentional mistake, we will lose the wonderful and frankly life-changing piece of equipment that will turn thousands, if not millions of Parkinson's sufferers. Many more younger sufferers are being diagnosed ( each year. Andy Sinclair, director of Sysemia has said of Miss Chaudry " she has invented something that is socially, economically and morally a great thing to do ( source I Weekend)
Please loby the Home Office to overturn this decision!!!

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