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To: Bath and North East Somerset Council

Keep Bath's London Road Safe For Cycling

This campaign has ended.

Keep Bath's London Road Safe For Cycling

The work done for the London Road Gateway scheme has made cycling on London Road safer. There are moves afoot to change the scheme and make it less safe for cycling on London Road.

We want the Council to honour previous undertakings for these cycle paths and:
1. Abandon any extension of loading/parking bays and times at Walcot Terrace.
2. Only remove the safety build out if alternative physical safety measures to protect the on-road cycle lane (such as pole cones or the Orca/Armadillo* measures) are provided.
3. Confirm that the on-road (Mandatory and Advisory) cycle lanes westbound on London Road will be permanent**.

* Different models of raised rubber humps, like large cats-eyes, placed at 2 - 3 metre intervals to deter vehicles from crossing into cycle lanes.
** Thanks to an amended version of Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) in April 2016, highway authorities in Great Britain do not need special permission from the DfT and can now install mandatory cycle lanes without a Traffic Order (these lanes are superior to advisory lanes, as motor traffic is not allowed to encroach on them).

Why is this important?

Council members are proposing to extend loading times and bays on the refurbished off-road cycle lane approaching Cleveland Place, These changes will either force cyclists into the heavily trafficked [two-lane] west bound carriage ways; OR into potential collisions with pedestrians.
The Council also wants to remove the curb build-out at Snow Hill, which was designed to protect cyclists and prevent illegal ingress by motorists onto the on-road cycle lane.
The Council may also be considering complete complete removal of the on-road cycle lanes, simply to increase traffic flows.
All of these plans contradict previous agreements and undertakings supporting improved cycling access, agreed by all the parties, in the Bath Transport Strategy.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered at the general council meeting on the 21st of July.

There is a planned protest to be held outside of the Guildhall at 5pm on the 21st of July.

London Road, Bath

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