To: Pembrokeshire County Council

No 4G mast in Llangwm/Burton, Pembrokeshire (Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages)

No 4G mast in Llangwm/Burton, Pembrokeshire (Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages)

Please do not put up a large 15 metre high 4G phone mast and base station in such a prominent and picturesque location in Llangwm/Burton (Ref: New Planning Notice 17/0151/PN)

Why is this important?

The villagers have not asked for this mast. There is no proven need or demand for a Vodafone mast. Such a mast would be out of keeping with the area, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the edge of Pembrokeshire Coastal National Parks. It is within 500m of the local primary school and all the inhabitants including children and the elderly in between.
We are all concerned about the potential and far-reaching health risks associated with this new technology especially for the many children and ageing population in Llangwm and Burton.
We also think it will be an unsightly and unnecessary addition to our pretty Pembrokeshire village. Many tourists come to Llangwm (as featured on Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages) and surrounding villages to get away from things like masts and enjoy what a rural village has to offer. This mast will be in full public view on entering the village of Llangwm and visible from most of the houses situated within it and Port Lion.
This has not been put to the public vote or any kind of democratic process. No planning supposedly necessary. The landowner lives elsewhere so he will just take the money offered and have no adverse effects to his lifestyle.
Please add your supporting vote. We need as many objections as possible. Why should Vodafone be able to put these things anywhere they like?
According to the National Planning Policy Framework Section 5:

43. In preparing Local Plans, local planning authorities should support the expansion of electronic communications networks, including telecommunications and high speed broadband. They should aim to keep the numbers of radio and telecommunications masts and the sites for such installations to a minimum consistent with the efficient operation of the network. Existing masts, buildings and other structures should be used, unless the need for a new site has been justified. Where new sites are required, equipment should be sympathetically designed and camouflaged where appropriate.

In this case there is already a mast base station situated in Burton near the top of New Wells Road. This seems very close for another base station to be required.

Also the position of this new mast and the minimal tree coverage mean that it will not be camouflaged at any time of year and only from one side during the summer months. The new design of this mast also means it will be a prominent feature during the winter months not in sympathy with the countryside at all.
Add your vote if you agree and support us in keeping this ugly structure from dominating our village.

Llangwm and Burton, Pembrokeshire

Reasons for signing

  • Location too close to residents and road. Already another mast in area.. can't that be used?
  • A blot on the area; unresolved health issues
  • Please consider relocating this tall mast away from residential properties.


2017-04-07 13:44:10 +0100

If anyone is available for a photo for the Telegraph we will be at the mast site today at 4pm. Please try to support us, thanks.

2017-03-27 14:43:42 +0100

Please contact Leon Elms, Planning Officer, Pembrokeshire CC with your objections by 29/03/2017. This can be done online ('search for a planning application').Planning Ref: 16/1207/PN

We do have the power to get this mast moved and/or change what it looks like

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